Types of Clutches That Will Match Your Needs & Looks

Types of Clutches That Will Match Your Needs & Looks
Women need something handy and trendy to bring instead of big & heavy tote bags. Sometimes women need to go out without bringing too much stuff or big handbags. Clutch is the perfect choice for women who needs to catch up quick stroll, or having lunch with friends, also if they want to have a casual meeting with colleagues. Below are some clutch inspirations that fits your needs and looks good on you.

#1 The Leathered Clutch Bag

image source: photobucket/JRenee24

image source: photobucket/JRenee24

This type of clutch is the most favorite for every woman. Why? Because it can fit for daylights or evening, with pretty enough space to put our essentials kit. And it still looks pretty with a touch of bejeweled on the hand-strap.

#2 Embroidered Clutch

image source: pinterest

image source: pinterest

This clutch is also the right pick for you who wants to have a casual-trendy day out. The flower embroidered will shine perfectly under mid-day light and you can put anything on it. Pair it with your jeans and oversized blouse, there you go girl.

#3 Crochet Clutch Bag

image source: pinterest

image source: pinterest

This beaded clutch simply works for your semi-formal office kinda look. If you have a rough morning, just pick this clutch and put your small wallet, phones, car key, lipstick, voila!

#4 Colorful Tassels Clutch

image source: pinterest

image source: pinterest

These ones are our favorite! Look at those juicy colors and trendy tassels, who doesn’t want to grab ‘em? This clutch matches for your everyday looks and for any occasions. Even cocktail parties or formal meetings. Basically, anything with tassels is working!

#5 Square Suede Clutch

image source: daily-craving.com

image source: daily-craving.com

Three words for this clutch: elegant, classy, handy. Yap, it goes well for your formal look to your for coffee time. The casual outfit also can match with this clutch to add some maturity and elegance.

How to Overcome Superwomen Syndrome

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 15: Shea Marie and Caroline Vreeland are seen outside the Marc Jacobs show during New York Fashion Week Spring 2017 on September 15, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images)

(Photo by Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images)

After reading the previous article about superwomen syndrome, and how to overcome that. In this article, we’ll share with you how to overcome and keep your mental health as working woman.
This is a recent way, that elaborated by some psychology experts and researchers:

Know Your Limitation

Who is the best person to identify yourself? It’s You! Simply being open to yourself about your limitation when doing things. It is the best way for you to avoid stress and stay innovative.

Starting to Believe in Others

We know that people let us down so many times, but it doesn’t mean that you must carry it all alone. A group task is made to fostering human to socially collaborate and learn the idea of “consensus”. Think twice of why you want to handle everything on your own because the line between selfish and selfless is very slight.

Trying to “say NO”

Some of us are having a hard time when it comes to rejecting a favor, we’re afraid to judging as an unhelpful person. But you need to remember that, it might be helpful to keep yourself on track. We need to admit that, we’re not always available for other, because of the coincidence itself.

Getting Help from Others

Applying feminism in life–doesn’t mean that asking and getting a help from other is a degrading act for your self-independency. Like the first point, we have a limit and to reach the standard you set for yourself. You probably need hands from people, even at least just in form of suggestion.

Don’t Avoid Your Inner Circle Opinions

One of the most things that occur women with Superwomen Syndrome is we don’t want to take the blame on us. Why? We think it was a sign of failure. Girls, you need to also listen and look in the mirror of what you’ve done or what kind of people you’ve turned into.
So, if before you already defying yourself suffering Superwomen Syndrome, we hope this thing will help you.
Like how the English proverb said: “Discretion is the greater part of valor.”

Superwoman Syndrome: Is It a Threat For Modern Working Women?

Superwoman Syndrome
This 2017, and if you’re a woman who lives in this era, we pretty much believes that you’ve got that girl power inside you. And you keen to live your life to the fullest. But, what if being an independent woman give you an impact to your personality and social life? This post will splash you about how to slay your work while keeping you mentally healthy.
We know this is the moment when the world finally supports women to have equal rights. Whether it was on education, job, or even politics.
Moreover, if you’re a working woman, you need to be smart to juggling with multiples roles. Autonomous is great, but did you know there’s a syndrome that ails modern woman?


Before we go too far, let’s be clear with the definition first. Quoted from Dr. Madeline Ann Lewis on selfgrowth.com, Superwoman Syndrome is a syndrome that women are constantly striving to accomplish everything possible in a perfect manner and have not learned how to put themselves as a top priority.
So, if that definition makes you wonder, let’s identify you with Superwomen Syndrome symptoms below;
1. Do you want to do everything perfectly without exception?
2. Do you find it hard to say “No”?
3. Do you think that you can do all or most things in your life just by your own?
4. You’re feeling down every time you can’t do something or you’re not doing it as you wish?
5. Are you happy with yourself? and how good are you think you’ve taken your roles?
Those five questions may help you to identify yourself. If the answers are mostly “Yes” then you actually lie to yourself that you’re happy all this time. You need to take a break on yourself for a few minutes. You need to look back–what went wrong with the great things that were good but whip a happiness.
Well, don’t worry Girl! We’ve got some tips on how to tackle this psychology issue. You may jump to next article to find out more.

Poin-poin yang Wajib Kamu Perhatikan Sebelum Reservasi di Airbnb


Di jaman yang serba online, segala sesuatu menjadi jauh lebih mudah karena kita bisa melakukan hampir semuanya melalui smartphone yang kita punya. Buat yang hobi jalan-jalan, pasti pernah mendengar Airbnb. Secara garis besar, Airbnb adalah pihak ketiga yang menjembatani siapapun yang ingin menyewakan rumah atau kamarnya dengan penyewa. Mungkin selama ini masih banyak yang takut untuk menyewa kamar/rumah melalui airbnb. Terpercaya nggak ya? Aman nggak? Mungkin beberapa pertanyaan itu pernah terbesit di pikiranmu. Don’t worry, here are some points you have to consider before booking your reservation through Airbnb:

#1 Negara tujuanmu

Sebelum melakukan reservasi, sebaiknya kita browsing tentang keamanan bagi pendatang di negara tempat tujuan kita, keramahan penduduk setempat, dan tingkat kriminalitas. (Baca: Tips For Travelling Alone). Hal ini memberikan pengaruh yang cukup besar, karena Airbnb adalah jasa dimana kita akan menyewa tempat tinggal penduduk lokal negara tersebut. Akan lebih baik dan aman jika melakukan reservasi di negara dengan tingkat kriminalitas yang rendah.

#2 Melakukan research yang cukup tentang tempat tujuanmu

Setelah memastikan keamanan negara tujuan, kamu juga harus melakukan research tentang kota tempat tujuan kamu akan tinggal. Ada beberapa hal yang perlu kamu perhatikan, contohnya: jarak antara tempat tinggal dengan stasiun, halte, atau akses transportasi terdekat. Selain itu kamu juga perlu memperhatikan apakah tempat kamu tinggal terjangkau dari tempat-tempat tujuan yang hendak kamu kunjungi atau tidak.

#3 Perhatikan rating host Airbnb tersebut

Pada saat memilih tempat tinggal di Airbnb, selain foto-foto tempat tinggal, juga akan ditampilkan rating host dan kesan dari beberapa tamu yang pernah menyewa tempat tinggal tersebut. Semakin tinggi ratingnya, maka semakin terpercaya ‘host’ atau pemilik tempat. Sebaiknya kamu membaca komentar (jika ada) dari tamu-tamu sebelumnya. Hal ini penting sebagai pertimbangan.

#4 Perhatikan detail fasilitas

Salah satu kelebihan dari Airbnb ini adalah website ini menuntut host untuk memaparkan secara spesifik keadaan tempat tinggal. Seperti ketersediaan pendingin atau penghangat ruangan, air panas, mesin cuci, wifi, boleh/tidak merokok, sampai dengan detail keadaan di sekeliling tempat tinggal apakah cenderung berisik atau tidak. Jadi pastikan sebelum melakukan reservasi, kamu perhatikan logo-logo fasilitasnya ya!
Poin-poin diatas sekilas tampak merepotkan. Keuntungan yang didapat dengan reservasi melalui Airbnb juga sangat banyak (apabila kita benar-benar cermat). Selain harga sewa yang jauh lebih murah dibanding dengan hotel, juga fasilitas yang biasanya lengkap seperti dapur dan mesin cuci. It will ease your vacation. Have fun trying!

Why Woman Should Support Other Woman

Why Woman Should Support Other Woman

image source: collage vintage

“Empowered women empower women.” – Anonymous
That phrase means a lot since the word ‘empowered’ itself could be interpreted in so many ways. Start with the people around us, do something that simply influences to another people. Everything big always starts with something small.
Women should empower each other instead of being so hateful and envious to another woman. It’s unhealthy for your soul and tiring at the same time. Everyone stands out in their own ways. We should embrace that diversity to create something from it.
Bringing down another woman doesn’t make you better. Do not hold competition against each other, stand with them. Fix their crowns instead of ripped it off. A real woman doesn’t have to throw dirt on others to feel more secure and better about herself. Happy women are the prettiest, right?
Strong women stand together when things are rough. Hold each other up when they need support and laugh it all together even when there’s no reason to. We will face the darkest situation in life, and that’s okay. Try to have a support system that will help you rise again and find solutions instead of wasting boxes of tissue for tears.
Instead of comparing your beauty products or the price of your handbags, admire each other by their self-respect, intelligence, integrity and loyalty. Everything that comes from within will shines even brighter than just your physical appearance. Start to beautify your inner peace and become the perfect reflection of beauty from yourself.

Hal-hal Penting yang Wajib Kamu Perhatikan Saat Kuliah


image source: hercampus.com

Mahasiswa adalah status yang istimewa. Bagi sebagian besar orang, status sebagai mahasiswa adalah tanda bahwa mereka sedang berada di level kedewasaan yang lebih tinggi. Mahasiswa diperlakukan secara mandiri, baik di dalam kelas maupun di luar kelas seperti dalam organisasi. Mahasiswa tidak lagi ditagih-tagih pengumpulan tugas, tidak lagi ujian diawasi sepuluh pengawas yang ketat. Mahasiswa dianggap sudah mengerti bagaimana harus bertanggung jawab, tanpa perlu diancam atau ditakuti dengan berlebihan, seperti ketika masih di sekolah.

Pun demikian, ternyata masih banyak mahasiswa yang mengabaikan hal-hal kecil yang sebenarnya penting. Berikut adalah hal sederhana yang harus kamu perhatikan semasa menjadi mahasiswa:

#1 Tentang kejujuran

Cliche banget ya? Semua orang mengetahui bahwa kejujuran itu penting. Tapi, seberapa jujur sih ketika kamu di kampus? Dengan pengawasan yang sangat minim, tempat duduk dempet-dempet, gampang banget untuk mencontek waktu ujian akhir. Apa yang kamu sering lakukan di kampus, akan menjadi kebiasaanmu ketika bekerja. Jika semasa kuliah kamu nggak jujur, kamu akan mendapatkan kesusahan menjadi pekerja yang jujur.

#2 Hindari plagiarisme

Khususnya buat kamu yang kuliah di jurusan non-eksak. Kamu dituntut untuk banyak baca literatur atau jurnal sebagai rujukan tugas. Biasanya banyak tugas untuk membuat esai yang sifatnya analitis dan diharuskan merujuk ke jurnal-jurnal resmi. Pada saat yang bersamaan, seringkali untuk topik-topik tertentu, kamu bisa memperoleh beberapa tulisan karya orang lain yang sudah terpampang di Google. Lalu munculah godaan untuk plagiat karya orang lain.

Ini hal yang sederhana, tapi biasakan untuk selalu membuat karyamu yang asli. Kalau kamu terbiasa melakukan plagiat, kamu akan terbiasa mencari jalan pintas yang nggak seharusnya. Malas untuk usaha dan enggan melewati proses yang agak susah. Ini bukan kebiasaan yang baik untuk dipelihara di masa depan.

#3 Hindari membolos kuliah

Nasehat ini mungkin yang seringdisampaikan orang tua kepada mahasiswa. Kebiasaan membolos dan titip absen ini sebisa mungkin harus dihindari, girls! Kebiasaan yang harus dihindari karena akan membuat kita makin malas. Memang kadang kamu berpikir bahwa kuliah adalah hal yang sangat berat, apalagi jika kamu tidak menyukai mata kuliah/dosen pengajarnya. Tapi kamu harus mencari cara untuk tetap termotivasi atau tertantang untuk menghadapinya. Pada masa yang akan datang, kebiasaan membolos akan membuat kita mudah menyerah menghadapi kesulitan-kesulitan kecil.

#4 Disiplin dalam mengerjakan tugas

Ini adalah salah satu hal yang paling susah dilakukan mahasiswa. Minimnya pengawasan dosen membuat mahasiswa semakin malas untuk mengerjakan tugas. Solusinya adalah pinjam tugas teman dan mengerjakannya satu jam sebelum tenggat waktu pengumpulan. “Toh dosen atau asisten yang mengoreksi juga nggak akan tau, karena sangat banyaknya jumlah tugas yang harus diperiksa,” kalau kamu salah satu diantara mahasiswa yang seperti itu, segera berubah ya! Menyelesaikan tugas sendiri dan dengan disiplin akan sangat melatih kemandirian dan tanggung jawab kita sebagai bekal untuk bekerja di masa mendatang.
Be responsible even when nobody is watching.

Melati & Isabel Wijsen of Bye Bye Plastic Bag


When we were kids, our voice is hardly taken seriously by adults. Kids are considered less serious because they’re just kids. Adults think that kids know nothing about life and just want to have fun. But, unlike these girls. At such young age, Melati & Isabel already made a huge impact on the island they live now, Bali.


Melati & Isabel started Bye Bye Plastic Bag to raise awareness and encourage people not to use plastics on daily life. As we know that plastics are dangerous to the environment, BBPB encourages people to use alternative bags for shopping. They admit it that it’s been four years they don’t use plastic bags.


Kids are the future. The earth needs more kids like Melati & Isabel Wijsen. But, Melati & Isabel had some obstacles when they started this BBPB. And their hard work eventually paid off when some people aware of the danger of plastic, and won’t use a plastic bag again. The It Girl is lucky that we can interview these inspiring girls.


So, do you want to know how they started? Scroll down…


Name: Melati & Isabel Wijsen

Age: 16 & 14

Year you started Bye Bye Plastic Bag: 2013

Location: Bali


Can you tell what makes you create this movement? What was the trigger?

It came down to two things that happened at the same time; the first is that my sister and I had a lesson in class about positive world leaders, change makers, like Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Lady Diana. And I remember at the age of 10 & 12 we went home that day thinking, “Okay, well, what can we do live on the island of Bali as kids? What can we do now?” We didn’t want to wait until we were older to stand up for what we believe in. So, as we started brainstorming at home on all the issues Bali was facing one thing stood out to us the most: garbage.


Growing up on the island surrounded by ocean we see the heavy negative impact Plastic has. There’s no escaping it here. The plastic problem is SO in your face, and we thought “Well, who’s going to do something about it?” But that’s just it, you often forget that YOU are that ONE person it takes to start the change. So that is when my sister and I, at 10 & 12. We created Bye Bye Plastic Bags–an NGO is driven by youth to get the people on Bali to say no to plastic bags.


You started this at such very young age. Do you have any difficulties when you started this? How did you overcome it?

We started when we 10 & 12 years old. With our team, we have come across many obstacles. From dealing with frustrations, politicians, and wondering HOW we can be taken more than just an inspiration. How can we be taken seriously and included in the decisions? Our persistence, commitment, and the voices of youth have really been raised. People see our actions, our passion, and they want to listen now!


Most people use people plastics on daily life for shopping and others because it’s more convenient. Do you have any suggestions how Indonesian people should stop using plastics?

It’s always handy to have alternative bags, these are also great cause they are reusable! Keep them in your car, or in the seat of your sepeda motor. You can even get a creative bag that folds into a keychain, so you can always have it with you. It’s about becoming more aware, educate yourself so you can contribute to the world you want to live in.

img_351013124516_1040570482690123_279008930517520786_nYou started this movement in Bali. Do you have any plans to make other cities in Indonesia to be plastic-free?

BBPB has now become a global movement where young people carry the message of saying no to plastic bags. Today you can find us in 9 different countries. In Indonesia, we have already spread to Jakarta, our capital. We are working with some students in Batam and possibly Lombok as well to start BBPB. If you’re interested read more: http://www.byebyeplasticbags.org/global/


Have you ever had an experience that forced you to use plastics? When and How?

Sometimes we hear people say that it is difficult to say no to plastic bags. And yes, it can be difficult–but it is not impossible. For the past four years, our family has not used a plastic bag! Sometimes we forget to bring our alternative bags, but then we just carry it quickly to the car or buy one ready-to-go alternative bags.


Can you tell us your daily activities from morning and night? How do you manage your time between school stuff and Bye Bye Plastic Bags?

We are really lucky to be students at the Greenschool. Our school time can be flexible as they believe with Bye Bye Plastic Bags we learn a lot too. So in the mornings, we will wake up at 6:30 am and head off to school at 7:30 am. Isabel goes to school every day of the week. I only go to school twice a week. And the rest of the week I’m at our Bye Bye Plastic Bags office, working on some emails/social media and action planning. We are always home at 4:30 pm and then we do homework, or just relax from the busy day!


What is the most memorable moment you have since you started Bye Bye Plastic Bags? Can you tell us why?

Ah! There are so many, so many good and memorable moments during the past four years. Our team, all the adventures! When I think back to where we are and all that we have done, one of the most memorable moments is the first time we stood on stage. We weren’t great at all at public speaking. But it was the first time we stood up and spoke about what we were passionate about, how we saw solutions happening and it fueled our energy to keep going!


Who is the most inspiring role model for both of you? Why?

There are many people we look up to, some of our heroes come from the past like Nelson Mandela, Lady Diana, Mahatma Gandhi; and many of our heroes live around us today! Malala, Boyan Slat, Xiuhtezcatl, these three are special. They were also very young when they started to speak up! And still, today they continue with the same youthful, strong, energy to fight for what they believe in.


What messages/bits of advice you can give to The It Girl readers?

Us, kids, may only be 25% of the world’s population, but we are 100% of the future. Find that one thing that you are passionate about, and go for it. Focus on a realistic target and have fun with it, don’t let anyone tell you you’re too young or you don’t understand. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it!

There is No Excuse for Cheating in Relationship

Nothing will right the wrong of your partner cheating on you.


Image source: paperblog.com

“I need emotional validation my partner doesn’t give me”

“I don’t love her anymore”

“I am bored with my relationship”

“I fall in love with someone new”

“I get emotional satisfaction from someone else”

“I’m curious, I want to try new experiences”

Maybe those are common excuses people make when they are cheating.

But then again, there is no excuse for cheating in a relationship.


Image source: justmytype.ca

If you find yourself in a relationship that doesn’t fulfill your needs whether emotional or sexual, you have few options:

1.     Try to fix the situation by communicating or negotiating

2.     Accept the way things are. If you don’t want to end it, fix your own perfection or lower your expectations

3.     or just leave.


“The ugly truth is, if you cheat on someone you’re dating, you do not love that person. Don’t care if “we are all human, so we make mistakes”.

Cheating is not a mistake you make when you really love someone.

If you are unfaithful, you are not in love. Simple as that.


If there’s once, there will be twice, three times, and so on.

Cheating means breaking the rules of your relationship. It means that you find yourself in a bad situation and rather than dealing with it in a healthy and productive way, you choose to do something that directly harms your partner to make yourself feel better.


Image source: anxiety.org

There are so many cases of cheating.

In one case, there is someone whose track record in past relationships was a cheater, and yes.. they still are.

And in another case, one who broke up with his ex because he was cheating on someone he’s dating then he’s cheating on right now.

It’s more like a character, like a template you knew in the first place. Don’t be denial.


Image source: ocrelationshipcenter.com

A relationship should always have a second chance. The exception is cheating. Never take someone back who cheats. Because when a cheater says “I won’t cheat on you again.” That sounds more like “I slipped, but next time you won’t catch me.”

It’s not about being negative thinking when you’re trying to forgive and rebuild your relationship.

Sorry in advance for being harsh in the next statement, but…

There is a fine line between being kind and plain stupid.


What you need to understand is.. if you cannot sacrifice the touch of another person; if you cannot resist the physical urge to screw someone else in favor of honoring your relationship, you do not value your relationship enough.


Michelle Obama said “there is nothing that threatens the security of a wife than the thought of another woman competing the attention and affection of her husband. Nothing is more painful. Nothing is more disrespecting. Nothing is more insulting. Nothing is more belittling and degrading.”


You cannot cheat on someone you love. It’s impossible.

Dos and Don’ts When Creating Your CV

bakground image: camilles.com

bakground image: camilles.com

Hi, It Girls! Are you a fresh graduate who are currently heading to career world? Have you keep in mind what kind of things that you should avoid when you making a Curriculum Vitae (Also read: How To Make Your CV Looks Better). Well, we’re going to help you create the best version of CV that won’t make you regret to ever send it.


1. Make it Clear and Short as possible

You know that there’re a lot of great things you want to state on your CV, but remember not all were matters. You need to remember a lot of job seekers send their CV as well, and HR won’t read your application more than 30 seconds. If you’re applying through a website or an email, your pitch statement will be your weapon to step up your game.

On statement pitch, you need to show that you were someone worth for them to hire for your targeted position. Be sharp with your CV with only 1-2 pages only.

2. Know exactly what you want to be

When a company posts more than one job vacancy, you think you’re capable of applying for more than one position. Be clear what you want to on that company. HR will doubt you when you’re not even so sure about your target and preference. They might see you are qualified for other position but keep in mind that let them judge.

3. Don’t be afraid to be different

Don’t be afraid of being quirky, there are a lot of perks of being one. You might need to be smarter. But, don’t be afraid to dig a bit more of your birthright excellence that can foster your strength.

For example, you are a talkative and cheerful person. But, you apply for an administrative position. This will doubt HR to hire you for that position because of they afraid that you wouldn’t stand so long.

Don’t worry! You can turn this to a positive value. Try to convince that this will make you stay motivated. Within your brief introduction or application letter.


1. No Selfie

Selfie might look good on your profile picture but isn’t appropriate for CV. A very rigid smile like an ID picture might not be good as well. Remember that selfie sometimes annoyed HR or User because:

  • You pose inappropriately; sexy or teasing pose
  • You use layers of effects
  • You use beauty cam; trying too much to look good will be a butterfly knife

So, a great picture quality and humble smile will be much better.

2. Spill too much information

As a fresh graduate, it is necessary for you to make sure that you’re not submitting a resume that too short or too long. Some of HR think that brief CV is for those who had experienced. Meanwhile, they don’t like to read CV or Resume that spills too many information.

There are some career options for each academic major. If you want to apply for different jobs in different companies, you can actually make an ideal CV within customized each application.

This can help you to short relevant experiences and achievement for the role.

3. End up as Creativity Victim

This day, everyone is competing by making their CV as artsy as it can be. You might think it was perfect, it will be better if you ask someone with a graphic design background. They will help you to make sure it’s good enough–in terms of is it readable and not achy reader’s eye because of too many ornaments.

Well, looking creative doesn’t mean that you do not take seriously of that job and sacrificing your professionality

In summary, we hope that this will help you to well present your first job application. Good Luck!

Things You Can Give On Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is one of the most awaited days to celebrate. That precious moment when we express our sincere love and thankfulness to our dearest moms, yet to give her a gift to remember. Not just a single ‘happy mother’s day’ chat or kisses on her cheeks. Below are some inspirations for your shopping list for mother’s day gift that will match your mom’s needs.

#1 iPhone Case

Image: Etsy

Image: Etsy

#2 Cosmetic Case

Image: The Pink Diary

Image: The Pink Diary

#3 Day To Day Sandal

Image: Freepeople.com

#4 Pretty Cupcakes

Image: Pinterest

Image: Pinterest

#5 Party Bag For The Fashion-Forward Mom

Image: oceandrive.com

Image: oceandrive.com

#6 Night Pampering Sets

Image: Net-A-Porter

Image: Net-A-Porter