The It Girl Loves Emma Watson’s Sustainable Fashion


Emma Watson is the most talked about woman on earth right now. Her role as Belle in Beauty and The Beast is unforgettable, especially the iconic dress! People also talked about because of her awareness about sustainable fashion. During her interview with Coveteur, Emma Watson talked so much about how impulse fast-fashion buy will destroy our planet.


#1 She’s obsessed with fair trade products


image by: coveteur

Emma Watson told that she became obsessed with fair trade products when she was in school. So, what is a fair trade? Fair trade is a trade which producers get fair prices in developing countries. She definitely concerns about fast-fashion impacts to our planet. She even visited Bangladesh in 2010, to see the impact of fair trade fashion, and find out about the real cost of fast-fashion.


#2 She wears sustainable beautiful gowns during her beauty and beast press tour


Image by: Emma wears Louis Vuitton dress.

Have you checked Instagram account @the_press_tour? Inside this Instagram account, you will find what Emma Watson wore during her press tour around the world. Every single piece she wore is well explained. From head to toe, you would know what brands Emma wore, Emma put on her makeup. We also love her action to take red carpet to green carpet. She cares about everything she wears. It’s not just about looking pretty, but also the stories behind her dresses. For example, her custom Louis Vuitton dress is made with Newlife recycled polyester, created from used plastic bottles. Another example is her Ellie Saab gown that was made with leftover fabric from the previous collection. So inspiring!


image by:


#3 She asks herself this question before buying something


image by: Coveteur

She avoided impulse shopping and start shopping wisely. She asks herself this question before buying something: ‘Do I really use this? Do I really want it? Am I going to wear it? How much am I going to wear this? Would you wear it thirty times?’


On her Instagram account, there’s a hashtag ‘#30wears’ (which means she will wear it thirty times or more). She wears her Burberry Shoes more often which is made with organic silk. By shopping wisely, you’ll help this earth from destruction.


#4 Keep it simple

emma-watson-philip-limEmma Watson’s closet is much simpler than you think. Her favorite piece is black cashmere turtleneck, from Chinti and Parker. Being sustainable also means taking care of what you already own. Also, buying vintage/secondhand clothes, and buying things that are more durable.


#5 She has less but…

Emma thinks carefully when buying and tends to shop online a lot more. And she uses Instagram to discover more brands through it. She used to buy whenever she had time although she didn’t really need it. She has less but those are things that she loves and she’s much more creative because of it.

5 Things You Should Avoid When You Have Oily Skin

Things You Should Avoid When You Have Oily Skin

Having oily skin can be troubling. Excess oil can cause breakouts and clog pores. Excess oil on the skin can be uncomfortable and greasy face always looks unappealing. Here are some tips on what not to do when you have oily skin.


#1 Don’t overwash your face

You might feel the need to wash your face five times a day, but it will strip out the natural oils and can irritate the skin. Always keep blotting paper in hand so instead of washing your face, blot it to keep your face from shining.

#2 Don’t wash your face with hot water

Over-washing your face using hot water will dry out your skin. It will treat the dryness by producing more oil. Wash with warm water instead.


#3 Don’t sleep on dirty pillow

Always change your pillowcase often. A pillowcase can absorb dirt and oil. When you put your face on a dirty pillowcase you may expose your skin to bacteria that can cause damage.


#4 Don’t let your skin get dehydrated

Don’t forget to drink enough water and use an oil-free moisturizer. It will help your skin hydrate from inside and outside.


#5 Don’t give up on finding the right products

There are so many skincare products to choose best suited for your needs. If you’ve tried a moisturizer or facial wash that didn’t work, don’t give up there are so many options. And if you think your oily skin needs special treatment, you can go to a dermatologist to get the best treatment.

5 Things You Can Learn From Belle of Beauty and The Beast

Beauty and The Beast 2017

Beauty and The Beast became one of most awaited movies in 2017. Yesterday, Beauty and The Beast is released worldwide and, is it worth the wait? Many people say that this movie is not like other typical Disney Princess movies.


Watching this movie made me shed a tear when Beast set Belle free to save her father and hoped that Belle will come back for him. Also, the dress that Belle wears to dance with Beast is absolutely beautiful and iconic. Just like what I expect since I was a child (I used to read Beauty and The Beast before sleeping).


It seems that most Disney princesses are motherless. From Cinderella, Snow White, Aurora, and Belle. They’re all motherless. And in this movie, it’s explained why Belle’s mother gone and apparently, Beast’s mother has the same faith as Belle’s mother.  


Despite I’m not a musical film lover, I was amazed by Emma Watson’s singing skill. She has a beautiful voice! Also, I got a message on WhatsApp that warned people not to watch Beauty and The Beast because there’s a gay character on the film (LeFou). After I watched this movie, LeFou showed implicitly that he has different sexual orientation, but still, the focus is Belle. So, let’s just moving on and enjoy the movie!


On this movie, Emma Watson gave some messages about feminism through her role as Belle.


#1 Belle is proud to be herself

Beauty and The Beast 2017

Belle is famously known as an odd girl because she has no friends and loves reading books. But she doesn’t care about it and love to be herself.


#2 Education is important for Belle

Beauty and The Beast 2017

This is showed when Belle taught a little girl to read while she was doing her laundry but some villagers were annoyed to see it because they think that education is not important especially when you’re a woman.


#3 It is better not to marry than have Gaston as a husband

Beauty and The Beast 2017

Gaston wanted Belle so much to his wife, but she doesn’t want to be the wife of narcissistic & selfish Gaston. And she rejected him straight away. Just because Gaston is strong and dashingly handsome, he’s not as smart as Belle.


#4 Belle doesn’t need a guy to help her

Beauty and The Beast 2017

When Philippe (Belle’s horse) came back without her Papa, Belle goes searching right away without any doubt or worries. She didn’t even ask Gaston or police for a help to find her Papa. It’s a prove that Belle is fearless and independent. Who runs the world? Girls!


#5 Belle is not typical Disney Princesses, Belle is the hero!

Beauty and The Beast 2017

Some people think this is just another Disney movie that Prince will save the Princess. Nope. In this movie, the hero is Belle. Belle saved so many lives, from her father to Beast and all castle’s occupants that cursed into furniture. So, she doesn’t need the Prince, but the Prince needs her.

Overall, this movie is a must to watch (I’m 25 going on 26 and still cried watching this kind of movie). Those CGI effects on this movie are jaw-dropping that every single detail is really beautiful. And the story is much more complete than the book version I used to read when I was a kid as a bedtime story. So, have you watched it? What do you think about Beauty and The Beast? Let me know through comments!

5 Easy Cheesecake Recipes to Cook This Weekend

Hi girls! Weekend is coming soon. It’s been a long time since we haven’t post any recipes for you, our dearest It Girls.

This weekend we have something easy and sweet for you to try and enjoy with family. Yes, it’s cheesecakes, Who doesn’t like cheesecake? Let’s try our favorite recipes and don’t forget have a lovely weekend!


#1 No Bake Mini Blueberry Cheesecakes 


Image source:

Prep and Cooking time: 30 minutes

Option: you can change the blueberries to other fruits (if you couldn’t find blueberries)


#2 Golden Oreo Salted Caramel Mini Cheesecakes 


Image source:

Prep time: 30 minutes

Cooking time: 20 minutes


#3 Boozy Baileys Mini Cheesecakes 


Image source:

Prep time: 10 minutes

Cook time: 1 minute


#4 Cranberry Swirl Mini Cheesecakes 


Prep time: 15 minutes

Cook time: 30 minutes


#5 Mini Cinnamon Roll Cheesecake 

lifeloveandsugarcomImage source:

Prep time: 15 minutes

Cooking time: 20 minutes


Tips Anti-Ageing ala Miranda Kerr yang Wajib Dicoba

Miranda Kerr Beauty RoutineMiranda Kerr, supermodel asal Australia ini terkenal sebagai salah satu ‘Angels’ di Victoria’s Secret. Meskipun sudah pensiun sebagai ‘angel’, Miranda Kerr tetap aktif di dunia permodelan dan selalu tampil menawan. Saat diwawancara oleh Into The Gloss, Miranda Kerr membeberkan rahasia untuk tetap awet muda (meskipun sudah punya satu anak loh!). Apa sih resep cantik ala Miranda Kerr?


#1 Meminimalisir Penggunaan Produk Kimia

Bekerja dalam dunia fashion, membuat Miranda Kerr harus sering menggunakan berbagai macam produk kecantikan dengan bahan-bahan kimia yang tidak aman. Oleh karena itu, Mirandan Kerr menggunakan prinsip ‘balance’ antara produk kimia dan organik. Sebisa mungkin, Miranda menggunakan produk organik untuk sehari-hari. Hal ini juga yang membuat Miranda untuk menciptakan produk kecantikan organik yang bernama Kora Organics.


#2 Daily Beauty Routine

Untuk sehari-hari, Miranda Kerr melakukan beberapa langkah mudah untuk agar kulitnya tetap sehat dan cantik, yaitu: cleanse, exfoliate, tone, dan moisturize.


#3 Natural Oil untuk Anti-Ageing

Miranda Kerr mengaku bahwa meskipun sudah memiliki satu anak, dia tidak memiliki stretch marks sama sekali loh. Apa sih rahasianya? Ternyata Miranda menggunakan rosehip oil sebagai produk anti-ageing favoritnya. Rosehip oil memiliki kandungan antioksidan yang tinggi dan juga memiliki asam lemak yang penting bagi tubuh kita.

Menurut The It Girl, perawatan kulit yang diterapkan Miranda Kerr tidak terlalu repot dan menghabiskan waktu banyak. Patut dicoba kan?

Tsamara Fahrana of Tint Stationery

Tsamara Fahrana of Tint StationeryBuilding a business takes a lot of trial, error, and hard work. Especially when you do it while you’re still a double degree undergraduate students. But, this girlboss successfully managed her time to do it all. Not just that, her product also help others to create a better future. If you’ve seen this beautiful planner, it’s made by Tsamara Fahrana.


From her loving to read psychological and business books, she was inspired to create an ultimate Self Development Planner. This beautiful planner isn’t just a to-do list planner, but it has few guides that help you to achieve your goals.


Studying economics doesn’t stop her to create this planner. With a help from her friend and YouTube tutorials, she finally made it to create not just an ordinary planner, but a Self Development Planner. We’re so excited to introduce another inspiring woman who turned dreams into action.


Name: Tsamara Fahrana Putrityas

Age: 21

Location: Jakarta

Education: Universitas Gadjah Mada & Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Current Title/Company: Founder of Tint Stationery


What’s your first job after graduated from college?

Growing TINT Stationery to gain more exposure will be my focus after I graduate. Trying to build an efficient business that helps people in achieving their long-term goals.


This summer I will graduate from Universitas Gadjah Mada with an economics bachelor. Since I am enrolled in a double degree program I have been given the opportunity to spend parts of my study abroad, studying “Economics and Business Economics” at Erasmus University Rotterdam.  Earlier this year, I decided to intern in the field of finance at a multinational consumer goods company. Mainly to learn how I can manage and make better financial decisions for TINT Stationery.

Tint Stationery

Tint Stationery is very one of kind! What was the idea behind Tint Stationery?

Thank you! I really appreciate you saying that and I am happy to get a lot of good feedback from my customers.


In my free time, I love reading psychological, business and self-help books. I noticed there were recurring themes, patterns, about how people can improve themselves. The catch was these suggestions were purely suggestions that you will forget within a few days of reading it. I wanted to create a tool that helps to achieve personal long-term goals, with psychological proof. Seeing how these guidelines really helped myself improve when I was growing up, I decided to help others in achieving their goals with the Self Development Planner.


I really needed the motivation, inspiration, and discipline the planners gave me, and thought how nice it would be if I could help others in the process of becoming successful in their own terms too.


I always see so much potential in people and love seeing people working towards their dream, and being passionate in what they do. Not everyone have the luxury or the discipline to do so, including myself, since no one’s condition is ever the same.

Tint Stationery

Can you tell us the process of making Tint Stationery? Do you have a team or you just do it by yourself?

I think it was June 2016 when I was reading “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen R. Covey, and had a “Eureka” moment. I knew I wanted to create a planner, where people don’t just write down their to-do list, but guides them with proven methods to achieve their goals. I was determined, but I didn’t know anything about designing, or how to produce a book. I told my best friends and they really encouraged me to go through with it. I learned a lot about doing layouts from scratch (thank you YouTube tutorials) and organizing my ideas. It took us three months to finish the planner, and a month for the production. Personally, I felt “the flow”, a mental state that creators swear by. I was so energized, super focused, and open to ideas from others. I really enjoyed the process.


I am lucky to have my best friend from junior high school, Nadia Fadhila, who shared the same visions and is a self-taught illustrator. She motivated me through the process and created the beautiful monthly illustrations that made the planner a one-of-a kind.


I now have a team who help handle the day-to-day business process. They are all really good friends of mine, which I am super lucky to share this journey with.

Tint Stationeryimg_3798

Who is your role model? Why?

Definitely my parents. My mother encourages me to be whoever I want; the freedom and guidance she gives me allowed me to continually search and develop the things I love. She teaches me the power of being passionate, of being kind, of being creative, and always seeing things in a different perspective.


My dad supports me a lot in whatever I do and gave me extremely helpful advices in how I can make TINT Stationery a successful business. He discusses my business and future with me all the time and taught me to be responsible for the decisions I make, and to always work hard and be discipline for whatever I want.


Both my parents are very open-minded people, who support me 100%. I couldn’t wish for better parents. I am very lucky and thankful to have them guide me.


What’s the most memorable moment of your career so far?

I am touched when people write me about how just having the Self Development Planner changed their life or how some enthusiastically ask about the methods. One day I received a mention from a customer who has been experiencing difficulties in her life. She said she was depressed and constantly anxious, and she feels hopeful and positive from reading the planner’s content. She regularly updates me with her progress and asks how she can improve even more. The feeling that I can help her with something I worked on is truly humbling.


Since many people haven’t used a planner like the Self-Development Planner, I am happy to see how the skepticism of some turns into great success. I have people contacting me through asking about how the methods in the book can help them, I am always happy to answer them.


What’s your advice to young girls out there?

Be courageous in following your dreams!


Always, always go for the experience. Find opportunities for you to grow. And learn from others.

They always have something to teach you if you look through the right lenses. This will teach you a thing or two in being resourceful; the one skill that always come in handy.
And ultimately to be happy and joyful; don’t wallow in what others think of you. You are entitled to all the happiness you can have, so only worry with what you can directly influence.

Apps That Will Help You To Choose Better & Healthier Beauty Products


background photo: hello fashion

Pernah nggak kamu mengecek apakah produk yang kamu gunakan sehari-hari bebas dari bahan-bahan yang beracun dan berbahaya? Mungkin karena males baca label ‘ingredients’, kamu tidak menyadari bahwa produk yang kamu gunakan mengandung racun. Produk kecantikan yang seharusnya membuat kamu makin cantik, tapi malah bikin kamu sakit. Untuk memudahkan kamu mengecek produk yang kamu gunakan bebas dari racun atau cruelty-free (tidak melakukan percobaan terhadap hewan), kamu bisa download aplikasi berikut:

#1 GoodGuide

Aplikasi ini memiliki fungsi untuk mendeteksi sebuah produk yang kamu gunakan mengandung racun atau tidak. Cara menggunakannya pun mudah, kamu tinggal scan barcode yang dapat kamu temukan di produk. Kamu juga bisa browse beberapa kategori, mulai dari hair care, food, makeup, skin care, household, dan masih banyak lagi.

#2 Think Dirty

Memiliki fungsi yang mirip dengan GoodGuide, namun Think Dirty memiliki tambahan fitur My Bathroom Shelf, dimana kamu bisa menaruh barang-barang yang kamu gunakan disitu dan Think Dirty akan menilai seberapa ‘toxic’ produk-produk yang kamu gunakan. Think Dirty juga memiliki database produk yang jauh lebih lengkap dibandingkan dengan GoodGuide.

#3 Beat The Microbead

Jika kamu menemukan microbead dalam produk yang kamu gunakan sehari-hair, stop menggunakan produk tersebut. Microbead sangat berbahaya untuk tubuhmu dan lingkungan. Nah, dengan aplikasi ini kamu bisa melihat brand apa saja yang menggunakan microbead dan mana yang tidak menggunakan microbead.

#4 Bunny Free

Pecinta hewan wajib memiliki aplikasi ini. Aplikasi Bunny Free merupakan aplikasi resmi dari PETA loh. Dengan aplikasi ini kamu bisa melihat perusahaan yang melakukan percobaan terhadap hewan atau tidak.

#5 Cruelty-Cutter

Dengan menggunakan aplikasi ini, akan mempermudah kamu dalam memilih produk-produk yang akan kamu beli. Cukup dengan menggunakan scan barcode, kamu bisa langsung mengetahui apakah produk yang kamu gunakan melakukan animal-testing atau tidak.

#6 Cruelty-Free

Aplikasi Cruelty-Free ini memiliki beberapa fitur seperti mencari perusahaan dari produk yang kamu gunakan secara alfabetis atau melalui kategori. Selain itu, juga ada deskripsi dari perusahaan tersebut dan link untuk melihat web resmi perusahaan.

Hal Yang Wajib Kamu Lakukan Setelah Menerima Gaji

hal-yang-wajib-kamu-lakukan-setelah-menerima-gajiSebentar lagi gajian, udah ngebayangin gajimu mau diapain. Belanja makeup baru, baju baru, dan lain-lain. Tapi, tunggu dulu. Sebelum kamu membelanjakan gajimu, kamu wajib mengatur gaji bulananmu supaya kamu nggak cepet bokek.


Salah satu tips supaya kamu nggak cepet bokek setelah menerima gaji adalah dengan budgeting. Budgeting wajib dilakukan setelah kamu menerima gaji. Budgeting membantu kita memetakan kemana saja sih perginya uang kita. Dengan budgeting, kamu bisa tetep bersenang-senang dan juga menabung. Lalu, bagaimana sih cara budgeting yang paling ampuh?



Pernah denger tentang teknik budgeting 50/20/30? Mungkin belum banyak yang tahu tentang teknik ini. Cara budgeting dengan teknik sangat mudah untuk diterapkan. Caranya adalah dengan membagi pendapatanmu menjadi tiga bagian:


#1 Pengeluaran Tetap

Yang dimaksud dengan pengeluaran tetap disini adalah pengeluaran yang selalu kamu keluarkan setiap bulannya dengan biaya yang sama, contohnya: uang kos, uang langganan tv kabel atau netflix, internet, atau yang lainnya. Usahakan, total dari biaya tetap bulananmu tidak lebih dari 50% pendapatanmu.

#2 Target Finansial

Sisakan 20% dari pendapatanmu untuk menabung, atau membayar tagihan kartu kredit, tabungan pensiun, atau uang darurat.

#3 Flexible spending

Nah, sisa dari pendapatanmu setelah digunakan untuk pengeluaran tetap dan target finansial adalah 30%. Dari 30% pendapatanmu, kamu bisa gunakan uangmu untuk kebutuhan sehari-hari seperti makan, belanja, dan sebagainya.


Mudah kan? Dengan budgeting menggunakan 50/20/30, kamu tidak perlu takut kehabisan uang setiap bulannya. Kamu juga bisa menggunakan aplikasi-aplikasi yang bisa kamu download di hp kamu untuk memudahkanmu dalam budgeting. (Baca juga: Top Money Management Apps)

Fun Things You Can Do When You Have No Money

background image by: Holly Casto

background image by: Holly Casto

Waiting for pay day to come seems so cruel. We feel like we can’t have good times because we are limited on our budget. Having fun doesn’t always require money. Sure, there are some activities that you can enjoy without spending your money.  

#1 Sign up a free class

No money to sign up a workshop? Don’t worry. There are many free classes you can join, especially on Skillshare, or EdX. Or maybe if you want to code, you can sign up at Codecademy.

#2 Read a book

Challenge yourself to read a book for every month in 2017. And if you want, you can write a review about the book you have read on your blog.

#3 Cook with ingredients you have left

With the ingredients you have left, you can create a new recipe! Be as creative as you can.

#4 Paint or sketch something

Painting helps to reduce stress on your mind. It’s okay if you think you can’t draw or you feel you don’t have that skill. Just try simple sketch, or you can buy coloring book.

#5 Exercise at home

There are many easy exercises you can do at home. So, instead of sitting down and do nothing, why don’t you put on your shoes and start to make sweats.

#6 Sing a song

Just let it go.. Let it go.. Can’t hold it back anymore. Let it go.. Let it go..! Release your inner soul through your singing. And you’ll feel ten times better than before.

#7 Reorganize your room

Sometimes, a little change in your room can make a huge different. To see newly arranged room will give you a fresh vibes.

#8 Clean up your closet

Set up a day when you can clean out your closet. Separate your stuff into four: donate, toss, sell, and keep. You can sell your stuff on online shop and turn them into extra cash.

#9 Watch TED video, or other inspiring videos

People think watching these kind of videos could be really boring. If you really pay attention when you’re watching this video, there are many useful informations or lessons you can get.

#10 Create lettering or calligraphy

Grab some paper and pen, and start learning calligraphy or lettering. There are many free tutorials you can try online and create beautiful calligraphy/lettering. Check out some lettering tutorials here.

#11 Download free apps

Needs something fresh on your phone? There are great free apps you can try, depends on what you like. If you like photography, you can download these apps.

#12 Organize your makeup

I bet every girl has some beauty products that never been used. Check all your beauty products and toss all expired products even though you love that so much. And you might want to toss toxic beauty products. You might want to avoid some ingredients that are super toxic for you body.

#13 Go for a jog

Jogging will make you happier. Go for a jog in the morning before work or on the weekend and feel the fresh air coming to you. You can visit the nearest park around you or maybe a jogging track on sports field.

#14 Movie marathon

Go to your friend’s home or at your home to spend time together watching movie all night long. Don’t forget the popcorns!

Easy Chicken Salad For Busy Girls

Easy Chicken Salad By The It Girl

Easy Chicken Salad by The It Girl

images: The It Girl

We know how that feel when you wanted so much to cook something but you never have time for that. Eating fast food or take away food constantly is not healthy for your body, because you don’t actually know where those ingredients came from. So, why not try this super easy chicken salad that you can make in under an hour for your lunch? It has fiber, protein, and carbs enough to give you energy for your busy day!



  • Romaine Lettuce
  • Chicken Breast
  • Boiled Egg
  • Mayonnaise
  • Olive Oil
  • Salt
  • Pepper


How to make:

  1. Rub chicken breast with salt and pepper. Heat non stick grilling pan/skillet with a drizzle of olive oil and fry the chicken breast until golden on both sides. Set aside onto a plate. And shreded the fried chicken into
  2. Boil your eggs to your liking. It could be hard-boiled or soft-boiled.
  3. Combine your romaine lettuce with the chicken strips and eggs and mix with mayonnaise and serve!



You can add sliced avocados if you like and you also add bacons. Or maybe you can switch from mayonnaise to your favorite salad dressings. Add bread to give you some carbs.